Stop and Frisk: A Closer Look | Long Island Criminal Attorney

Many of us have a bad habit of jumping to conclusions before we have all the facts. In the courtroom this habit has led to the conviction of innocent people, and on the streets it has prompted police officers to arrest people that were doing nothing wrong. But let’s talk about ourselves for a … [Read more...]

Conditional License DUI Law Changed | Long Island Criminal Attorney

There are few things harder to do than getting your life back on track after a DUI conviction. New York residents who have ended up with a DUI on their record find that it’s very hard to do almost anything that requires paperwork—getting a job, applying for a loan, you name it. Understanding … [Read more...]

Are Recent Pool Arrests Legitimate? | Long Island Criminal Lawyer

As autumn shows up on the horizon, Suffolk County residents hope for a reprieve from the extreme heat that has characterized summer 2013. The constant high temperatures seem to affect some people more than others, putting police officers on the alert for unusual behavior. With thousands of sweating … [Read more...]

Police Officer Takes Advantage of DWI Suspect | Long Island Criminal Attorney

The days following a DWI arrest are unpleasant to say the least—full of uncertainty, fear, and seemingly endless requirements for paperwork and documentation. With a good lawyer helping you organize your case, build a defense, and negotiate with the state, your future can begin to look brighter. A … [Read more...]

Tourist Arrested for Carrying Gun | Long Island Criminal Lawyer

Did you know that you can go through training, follow all your state’s rules for gun ownership, buy a legitimate firearm, behave responsibly with it…and still get arrested for carrying your weapon? It’s a lesson that out-of-state gun owners learn all too often when they try to carry a gun … [Read more...]

Do Restraining Orders Extend Beyond Death? | Long Island Criminal Lawyer

If someone obtained a restraining order in New York against you (technically called an “order of protection”), you might assume that the order automatically expired if that person died. Of course, you’d be correct. But in the case of one New Yorker, his arresting officer either wasn’t clear … [Read more...]

What is “Apple-Picking”? | Long Island Criminal Lawyer

Maybe you’ve heard of a crime that’s becoming a more and more serious problem in large cities around the country. Here in Nassau County, lawyers are seeing many people arrested on charges of “apple-picking,” although of course that’s not the legal term for it. Technically, apple-picking is … [Read more...]

Botched Drug Charges Lead to Lawsuit | Long Island Criminal Lawyer

When a woman from Queens took her two older daughters to a birthday party, she had no idea that she would be spending the next few weeks in jail—for a crime she had nothing to do with. In New York, drug charges are common, and the police can get used to quickly sizing up a situation. But it is … [Read more...]

Annoying Police Could Become a Felony | Long Island Criminal Defense Lawyer

If the State Assembly signs a bill from the Senate into law, it could become very easy for New York police to arrest anyone that rubs them the wrong way—literally! The proposed law would allow courts to impose felony-level penalties on people who are convicted of annoying, threatening, or alarming … [Read more...]

Why You Need a Lawyer for a DUI Charge | Long Island Criminal Lawyer

Did you know that the New York DUI/DWI laws changed in September of last year? You might think that the new laws don’t have much of an effect on you…that is, until you find yourself arrested under DUI charges. Now, more than ever before, it is essential to get a lawyer on your side who can help … [Read more...]