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There are few things harder to do than getting your life back on track after a DUI conviction. New York residents who have ended up with a DUI on their record find that it’s very hard to do almost anything that requires paperwork—getting a job, applying for a loan, you name it. Understanding that someone convicted of DUI still needs to get around town on occasion, the state allows for a “conditional license.” This license is a restricted permission for the holder to drive to essential appointments only, such as school or work. In light of a new change to the conditional license law, however, those with a DUI conviction in New York face a compounded danger if they are pulled over and suspected of driving drunk again.

Felony Charges Instituted

Until recently, a person who was convicted of driving drunk on a conditional license got a traffic ticket. As of August 2013, however, arrested drivers face a much harsher penalty—equal, in fact, to the penalty for driving drunk on a revoked license. The upgrade to felony status makes DUI on a conditional license a virtual career-ender for those who are convicted of it. The legislation also included some other changes to the laws concerning DUI conviction. New York courts must now order the use of an interlock device (which disable a car from starting if the operator fails a breath test) for almost every person convicted of a DUI.

Putting the Past Behind You

Receiving a conviction on DUI charges is nothing short of a personal disaster. Whether you had an incompetent lawyer representing you or you followed someone’s advice to plead guilty, your next steps are to do whatever it takes to get the conviction as far behind you as possible. With a conditional license, you can at least continue to get to work, school, and other essential responsibilities. A set of flashing blue lights behind you, though, could signal the end of that opportunity and a prison sentence under the new legislation. There’s no question about it—you absolutely must have an attorney on your side if you are arrested under DUI charges while using a conditional license.

The Help You Need

No matter how bad your situation may seem, we are ready to help. Call the law offices of Neil Weissman if you are facing a DUI conviction in New York, especially under the new, still-unfamiliar legislation. In a free consultation, we will listen to your story and tell you how we can help you take the next steps toward keeping your future intact.

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